WorkZone Delivery Models - DevOps @Customer

Medarbejdermøde i virksomhed

In WorkZone we are working on two new service-oriented models one called “DevOps @Customer” and a refresh of our cloud services WorkZone SaaS. Primary purpose of these service offerings is to ensure customers more regular and simpler upgrade paths, far better maintenance and an intention to separate often very complex projects from software maintenance.
The Cloud service offering will be a software as a service (SaaS) offering expecting to pilot first customers early 2020. This service is currently being established, more on this in a later article.

Author: Lasse Hende Nørgaard


DevOps @Customer

So what is DevOps @Customer. DevOps is short for Development and Operations. In short the idea behind this concept is to bring development and operations closer together improving the feedback loop from operations to development and vice versa. The intention with DevOps @Customer is to bring KMD WorkZone Development, customer and customer operations closer together. Ensuring that KMD WorkZone DevOps best practices on software delivery and management is utilized and improved while ensuring more regular software updates at customers. 

Introducing DevOps @Customer as a service

We are introducing a mutual agreement model that ensures that both customer, third party hosting providers and KMD are aware of what the individual roles and responsibilities are.  

As part of the model we are Introducing an annual cycle for maintenance of WorkZone and third-party products and services, as part of the agreement all parties ensure that related 3 party products and WorkZone is kept up to date and running as optimal as possible. 

By doing it in a DevOps context and as a service, we wish to ensure that best practices are implemented and continuously improved. Sharing experience across customers.  

As part of the model, KMD WorkZone is improving tools, and documentation to enable better assessment of customer environment readiness and provide better and more relevant information on how to operate and manage WorkZone. 

To keep the software service model light it’s a DevOps @Customer is Software maintenance model. Separating typical upgrade add-on’s such as data migration, major change projects from software maintenance is an important part of providing this service. Keeping the complexity as low as possible. 

The focus is on short upgrade cycles where all parties are fully involved from start to end. From upgrade of customizations, establishing environments to install in production.

As part of the model KMD DevOps monitoring of the customer environments is established. This to ensure, learning, early warning and fast feedback on customer issues.  

DevOps @Customer is currently being piloted on 3 customers and 2 additional customers are in line for the model. If you are interested in this model or just want to learn more please don’t hesitate to contact one of your KMD contacts.

The DevOps @Customer once passing the pilot phase is expected to be delivered with a once a year or twice a year upgrade model.


WorkZone Delivery Models

The table below compares the 3 delivery models.