KMD settles into Poland

ATP vil fortsætte driften i KMD-skyen

The Danish IT-company KMD is now settled into their new offices in Poland. This Monday KMD held an opening reception in order to debut their new location in Warsaw. The Danish ambassador along with a number of dignitaries from Poland were in attendance. The inauguration was performed by Léo Apotheker, KMD’s chairman of the board who has Polish roots. KMD’s entrance on the Polish market is a testament to the high standard of Polish IT-competencies. At the same time the Danish IT-company hopes that this move will help form new partnerships with Polish companies and help develop IT-projects in Poland.

Monday November 2nd marked an important date for Danish IT-company KMD as they inaugurated their new premises in Warsaw.

KMD’s chairman of the board, Léo Apotheker, has Polish roots and was longtime CEO of the German IT-company SAP.

“KMD has spent the last year building a first class development center in Poland and it is a pleasure to be able to welcome you to our own premises. We are proud to be here today. For the first time in KMD’s history we now have a significant international presence” says Mr. Apotheker.

Presently KMD’s Polish development center in Warsaw is home for 150 IT-professionals, but the ambition is to rapidly develop capacity and manpower.

“Our presence here is a testament to the incredibly high standards of IT-competencies in Poland. Each day our Polish team members help their Danish colleagues develop the digital solutions that shape the future digital landscape of public administration in Denmark. We create solutions which further welfare and establish new standards in public digitization in Denmark. We plan to continue that progression and I expect our Polish division to grow significantly in years to come” says Mr. Apotheker.

Danish experience can benefit digitization in Poland

Benefits can run both ways and KMD predicts that their experience in public digitization can help develop the IT-infrastructure in Poland.

“KMD has more than 40 years of experience developing digital solutions for public administration in Denmark. We have helped Denmark become one of the most efficient and digitized countries in Europe. In cooperation with Polish companies we want to use our experience and knowhow to further the development of the Polish IT-infrastructure and to the benefit of Polish citizens. We believe that together we can elevate digital progression in Poland” Mr. Apotheker explains.

The Danish embassy in Poland has high hopes for the new Danish presence in Poland.
Steen Hommel, the Danish ambassador in Poland, has high hopes for KMD’s new venture.

“KMD is one of Denmark’s largest and most respected IT-companies. It’s a pleasure to witness their entry on the Polish market. Poland and Denmark share many ambitions for digital development of the public sector, and our bilateral agreement on knowledge sharing on digitization efforts will benefit both parties immensely. I am certain that KMD will benefit from its new development center in Poland and at the same time that Poland will benefit from having KMD as an operator in the Polish IT-landscape. I know that KMD is already seeing the benefits of having access to the workmanship of the very qualified and talented team members at their Polish office” says Steen Hommel.

About KMD

KMD is the largest Denmark-based IT company, and develops and provides software and service solutions for the local and central government and private markets in Denmark. Its unique domain knowledge, reliability, and access to security and operational stability have made KMD one of the most recognized and used companies in the Danish IT sector. For example, KMD's systems handle salary and welfare payments totaling approx. DKK 400 billion a year, equivalent to more than 20% of Denmark's GDP. The Group has annual revenue of just under DKK 5 billion and around 3,000 employees. KMD is owned by the private equity firm Advent International and the Danish pension fund Sampension. More info at

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